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Advisory Services


Financial analyses of the functioning of trade companies and structures on different levels include preparation and making of full financial statements and pro-form accounts in “Financial Accounting” and “Management Accounting” formats for different purposes, evaluation of the results of any economic activity and financial control.


Evaluations of the shares of the capital of trade companies, of differentiated parts of companies and others are based and made in accordance with the Evaluators Association requirements for unified standards for professional business evaluation and the standards and methods for business evaluation according to the Bulgarian legal system. 


 Financial grounds serve for acquiring Share Capital, declaration of Bond loans, Investment or Working Capital Credit demands or restructuring and others. They are based on and made in accordance with the standards of the common world practice and meet all kinds of specific requirements of Bulgarian and foreign, bank and non-bank institutions regarding the properties, contents and presentation form. 

Business Plans

Business Plans are comprehensive Feasibility Studies of the realization of investment and other business projects and of Programs for development of trade companies with defining the business tasks laid before their management.

The Studies satisfy the highest standards of the world practice in the area of Feasibility Study regarding financial prognosis, modeling, analyzing and evaluating when:

  • Establishment of new and restructuring of active trade companies
  • Increase of share capital and preparation for issuing of securities plan
  • Formation of joint ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Increasing of credit lines
  • Capital budgeting
  • Product planning
  • Introducing new activities, projects and market strategies
  • Establishment of financial demands for future growth
  • Projecting the increase in the investments profits and market share
  • Tax optimization
  • Defining the finance politics regarding the management and personnel of the trade companies
  • Fulfillment of consequent investors control etc

A comprehensive multivariate projection, analysis, evaluation, management and optimization of cash flows, critical business ratios, key management coefficients, corporate value and financial risk is made. The net present value and the internal rate of return of the investments are determined.

The studies generalize the incoming operative information and the great number of finance accounts and pro-form accounts into one current to the day of the study financial model.

The pro-form financial accounts composed for the purposes of the analyses and evaluations correspond to the Bulgarian and International Accounting Standards.

The systematized financial information regarding the history of business and business projection is defined parallel in formats “Bulgarian Finance Accounting” and “USA Management Accounting”

The projecting in “Bulgarian Finance Accounting” format gives opportunity for achieving 100% efficiency of Investors control due to the full comparability of the finance pro-form and factual accounts.

The projecting in “USA Management accounting” format makes possible the implementation, in accordance with the requirements of the world standards, of:

  • analysis and evaluation of the changes in financial condition and the Cash Flow formation and movement;
  • financial analysis for evaluation of the key management coefficients;
  • analysis for multivariate business evaluation;

The conversion of the systematized financial information regarding to the history of business and business projection from “Bulgarian Finance Accounting” format into “USA Management accounting” format does not concern in essence the contents of the documents. 

Prospectuses for issuing of securities 

The produced prospectuses for issuing of securities reflect the results of the Feasibility Studies from the realization of the business projects and trade companies development projects. The presented primary information and the analyses and evaluations clearly define the emitent’s economic and financial condition and the security rights. Investors Control Investors Control is carried out on the basis of Feasibility Studies from realization of the business projects and trade companies’ development programs as a standard for analysis and evaluation of the received current results.All kinds of general and specific demands defined as a task from the assignors will be satisfied.

Investors control determines, analyzes and evaluates:

  • Monthly:
    Operative result and business potential of the trade company for generating a Cash Flow that covers debt payments.
  • Quarterly:
    The level of finance efficiency from applying the development programs by the use of a system of indicators for financial analysis in accordance with the world standards.
  • Quarterly:
    The movement of the market capitalization of the trade company shares by applying a system for multivariate stationary and current business evaluation in accordance with the world standards.